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Avoid painful or dangerous bending and stretching by using the NRS Combi-Reacher. Featuring a 360º revolving head, it’s useful for picking up many household items and even benefits from additions like a shoehorn, magnet, reacher tips and rubber lined jaws for the easy retrieval of all kinds of things.

With a four-finger trigger action, it’s perfect for anyone with reduced grip and the trigger is also easy to clean. The Combi-Reacher can be stored on a walking frame by using the attached clip and is also available in a shorter 26" option.

NRS Combi-Reacher


    • Reduces need to stretch or bend
    • Easy to use four-finger trigger
    • Attachments enable easy collection of metal items
    • Available in two sizes
  • Product Purpose

    Enables people with reduced hand function and back / hip pain to reach items from the floor or difficult to reach areas. Can also assist with dressing.

    Specification 26" Weight: 160g
    (5½oz). 32" Weight: 180g (6oz). Available in two lengths as below.
    Weight 160g (5.5oz)
    Brand NRS Healthcare
    Size 660mm (26 inches)
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