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The NRS Combi Grabber is a lightweight and robust reacher that reduces the need for the user to bend, or stretch to pick up items that are just out of reach.

Its rotating rubber lined jaw, with textured anti slip grips, provide a tighter hold when lifting and gripping. The jaw can be rotated 90 degree to change the angle for pick up as required, simply require a gentle pull and twist to rotate as required. It has a full trigger handle which is ergonomically designed for those with weak, or limited, grip whilst also minimising dirt and skin traps.

Supplied with a clip for attaching onto a walking frame the grabber is also available in a 32 inch length.

NRS Combi Grabber


    • Lightweight yet robust
    • Reduces the need to bend and stretch
    • Anti slip grips for a tighter hold
    • Full trigger handle minimises dirt and skin traps
    • Ideal for those with weak or limited grip
  • Product Purpose

    Pick up objects without bending or stretching

    Specification Length: 660mm (26")
    Weight 253g (9oz)
    Brand NRS Healthcare
    Length 660mm (26")
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