Derby Walking Cane with Spiral Carved Shaft

The Derby Cane with Spiral Carved Shaft is a beautiful cane to use. This derby cane has been designed with a carved spiral feature on the shaft, and the makers have made use of a flame scorching effect, enhancing the natural wood grain and colouring of the hardwood. This stick has a gorgeous appearance and is very hard-wearing. The classic derby handle is also one of the most popular handle types as it provides the user with a comfortable grip. Derby Canes are originally named after Lord Derby and the classic contours of the handle allow it to be hung over the wrist, leaving the hands free.

A stylish derby walking cane with helical carving detail along the shaft
✓ Comfortable Derby Handle
✓ Beautifully spiral carving along shaft
✓ Sturdy hardwood construction

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The dimensions of the stick are:

  • Length is 92cm (36 inches)
  • Weight is 350g (12.3 oz)
  • The stick diameter at the top just under the handle is 25mm (~1") and tapers down to 20mm (~3/4") at the ferrule end
  • It is fitted with a metal ferrule
  • Will fit a rubber ferrule size 19mm internal diameter

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