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Orthopaedic relax grip handle - For Right Handed Use

This anatomical handled walking stick features an marble-like moulded handle to fit the contours of your right hand for extra comfort. The ergonomic designed 'relax grip' shape, allows the thumb and forefinger to rest over the handle, while the palm is supported, providing a comfortable grip that helps to reduce hand strain during use. These sticks have been designed to suit hands of all sizes and also provide excellent orthopaedic support. The shaft is a metallic bronze colour and is adjustable to suit the user's height. Finished with an elegant brass collar. We also sell a right-handed version of this stick.

A stylish, ergonomic handled, relax grip, adjustable walking stick for right-handed use.
✓ Anatomically-designed 'relax grip' ergonomic resin handle
✓ Adjustable height aluminium shaft
✓ Comfortable to hold, lightweight and sturdy

Discover our range of Anatomical Handled Walking Sticks

The dimensions of the stick are:

  • Length is adjustable from 78cm (30 3/4") to 104cm (41") in 2.5cm (~1") increments
  • Weight is 570g (20oz)
  • The stick diameter at the top just under the handle is 22mm (7/8") and steps down to 20mm (3/4") at the ferrule end.
  • It is fitted with an "RF19" type rubber ferrule size 19mm internal diameter.

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SKU: 011762R
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