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The strong tubular steel frame of this Divan Over Bed Table can safely and easily slide under your divan bed. The top can be angled to accommodate food, drinks or books so that you can eat or enjoy activities comfortably in your bed and the two retaining edges prevent items sliding off.

Easily adjusted to a height that suits your needs, it can also be used when you’re in your armchair.

Please note that the design of the hand wheel adjusters on these tables may vary from that shown. Maximum load weight is 10kg (22lb).

Divan Over Bed Table

SKU: F19959

    • Height adjustable table for use over your bed, or armchair
    • Suitable for divan beds or armchairs
    • Provides a stable and smooth surface to eat, work or enjoy activities from
    • Table top can be angled up to 35º to suit your requirements
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