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Classic Canes Folding Adjustable Derby Cane - Ladybirds


An uplifting folding derby cane patterned with colourful red-and-black ladybirds with green leaves on a beige background. The design is based on a hand-painted original by Classic Canes' managing director, Charlotte Gillan. The folding cane is height-adjustable from 82 to 92cm so it can be altered to fit a wide range of users. The shaft is high-quality aluminium, fitted with a non-slip rubber ferrule. It has a chrome collar and a plastic derby handle, elegantly shaped to provide comfortable support. The ferrule size for future replacements is 19mm and the folding cane weighs 315g.

A stylish fashionable folding cane with a Ladybirds patterned handle and shaft.
✓ Fashionable design by Classic Canes
✓ Adjustable Length Folding Walking Stick
✓ Derby handled walking stick

Discover our range of Folding Walking Sticks

The dimensions of the walking stick are:

  • Length adjustable between approx 82cm (32 1/4 ") and 92cm (36 1/4")
  • Weight is approx 315g (11.1 oz)
  • The stick diameter at the base is 19mm (3/4 ")
  • This comes fitted with a 19mm rubber ferrule

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